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A new RED SLEEVE version of the TOXICAT has been released! NOW IN LONG SLEEVE! This toxic kitty is unvaxed and it shows. Celebrate the recent times with some radioactive slime. This design is printed on using the more expensive and time consuming Discharge Ink printing. Discharge printing is a way to remove the shirt's color and replace it, instead of putting ink on TOP of the shirt. The result? Super soft prints that are part of the shirt. Awesome. I dont do this with any shirt, but I felt this one deserves it. I have also upgraded the shirt quality, and even designed a tagless print inside the shirt! This shirt will last forever. The new long sleeves have the same print quality, but now with the DEATHSQUAD stripe on one side, and JAPANESE "DEATHSQUAD" writing on the other. 


  • 24 single, 5.5 oz., soft-washed, 100% combed ring-spun cotton

  • The more you wash, the softger it gets!

  • Poorly translated "Japanese" text reads "DEATHSQUAD" 

  • so many colors...

  • look at it on mushroooms mannnnn...

  • Printed long sleeves in RED!

  • Original Design by Ben Adams!


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